DIY Garage Door Repair

Garage Door repair

Many times we receiving calls from customers that have problem with there garage door, when we get to the job we realize that the customer try to repair the garage door by him self and cause more damage to the garage door or to the garage door opener than it should be, sometimes even to both of them.

We courage people to do DIY project but not with garage doors system that a tiny mistake can kill or injure you or some else in your family, some jobs is better to leave for the professional that this is their business area of expertise.

With any DIY Garage Door Repair we need to ask our self one question: what am I going to save by fixing my garage door by my self. Well we all know the answer MONEY, but will it be worth it to save a few bucks to fix your own garage door ? what will happen if you or someone in your family will get injure because of the unprofessional job that you did? what if you bought the wrong material to fix your garage doors ?

Sorry to tell you guys but the fact is that all the video, DIY articles or even installation manuals that you read don't give all the information and the little things that you need to know to fix your garage door or garage door opener without doing mistakes, you will have to learn it while you fixing your garage door.

There are a lot of things we need to take in consideration when we fix garage door or install a new garage door opener, here a few example:

  • Spring have to be mach to the weight door.
  • How to put tension on a spring
  • Do we need to replace pulleys or cables
  • How do we unwind torsion springs

Those only a few samples of what we need to know before we start to fix the garage door, so for your safety and the safety of your family let the professional to fix your garage door, you will piece of mind to know that the job made by professional garage door company, the springs, pulleys, cables and etc, are the right hardware for your door.

Next time you need a repair or just want to check if the garage door is in good working condition give Infinity Doors a call and we will more than happy to help you with any question you may have.