How To Adjust Safety Sensors?

safey-sensorsGarage door not closing? Do you have to press and hold the push button to close the garage door? Is the garage door opener keep blinking when you try to close the garage door? Is the garage door reverse when you try to close it?

If the answer is yes for this question than your problem is probably the safety sensors. The most common problem and easy to fix, most of the time, is the safety sensors issue.

The first thing we need to check is if the problem indeed are the safety sensors or something else like the garage door opener sprocket, circuit board, limit switch or even the problem is with the garage door it self.

Normally, the safety sensors have to be on each side of the track about 4-6 inch from the floor, some garage door companies will install the safety sensor on top of the opener to cut corners and save time, just because the opener will not work without them, we don't need to say that its illegal  to install garage door safety sensors like that even if the customer ask us to.

How NOT to install safety sensors    Safety sensors installation 4-6 inch from the floor




So, how can we check it?
Most of the openers have an option to override the safety sensors, in case we late at home and the garage door stuck in open position and no one can come tonight to help us, by press and hold the wall push button until the door will be fully close, if the garage door did close than the problem is the safety sensors.

In case we have a problem with the safety sensors we need to figure out what is the problem, are the safety sensors are defected or we just need to adjust them.

Check the safety sensors and make sure the lens are clean in both sides and you have steady light on both of them, if not try to align them so they will face each other until we have steady light.

In case we have a steady light on both safety sensors and we still having the same problem we recommend to call a garage door technician to check it further, it could be the garage door springs system, force problem inside the opener, defected safety sensors etc.....

Good Luck !!!