Model 4100

commercial rolling steel

In applications where climate control is a must, the 4100 Insulated Service Door Series provides maximum energy efficiency by using a polyurethane core that is foamed-in-place between the exterior and interior galvanized steel skins.

Garage Door Features

Our insulation has an R-value of 6.29 and is of the highest quality available with a flame spread not greater than 25 and smoke generation less than 50.

The Model 4100 is available in replaceable 22, 20, or 18 gauge insulated flat slats.

Garage Door Specifications

Steel Slat Gauge Options: 22, 20 & 18 ga
Guides: Structural Steel Angle
Wind Load Available: Yes.
Slat Detail Options: Optional Windows
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Windows option model 4000

Technical Features

  • Heavy-duty vinyl extrusions snap into the guides to reduce air and dust infiltration and to weather strip the door jambs.
  • A water-resistant hood baffle remains flexible in cold weather and helps reduce air infiltration around the hood.
  • Insulated, interlocking slats provide energy efficiency and a clean appearance inside and out.
  • Solid insulation is inserted between galvanized steel slats to ensure consistent density and complete insulating coverage.
  • The bottom of the door is sealed by a flexible, solid foam astragal.
  • Heavy duty cast iron gears.
  • Optional cylinder locks.
  • Cast iron stops.
  • Structural angle guides (shown in photo) and bottom bar.